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   A custom commissioned portrait of a loved one or beloved furry companion is one of the most treasured gifts you can give, to yourself,

or to someone else!

I see my role as being an interpreter of spirit, as much as being a painter, maybe even more so. Each portrait is more than just a painting to me; I feel a resonance with the love and joy felt for the subjects, and I am delighted to be a part of this energy, knowing that I can help bring happiness into many homes.      



    ​If you are thinking about commissioning a portrait, here are the first three steps  


  1.   Think about the space you want to have your portrait. What size would feel right for that area? The most popular sizes for single subject portraits tend to be 16x20", 20x20" and 18x24", and 18x24", 24x30" for double or triple subjects. These sizes are well accommodated size in a range of areas and work well with most reference photos. 

  2. What feeling do you want your portrait to have? Often it's the un-posed photo, or the surprised or unguarded moments that make the best compositions in portrait art, and really convey the personality of the subject. It's best to have a number of options of photos so I can get a real sense of your beloved person or pet, and I will choose the look and photo that I intuit will work best. Occasionally, a family may only have grainy or low-resolution photos, and in those cases, the portrait will look a little "artsier" and less photo-real. Together, we will communicate about the possibilities and find the right photo for your vision and my abilities. 

 3. What is your time-frame? Plan to plan ahead. I have a queue of portrait commissions almost all of the time, which is typically 4-6 months long. However, it is not always a linear queue, because many clients want to make payments over a number of months, pushing their delivery date out.  If you have a certain event coming up where the portrait is to be revealed, let's talk to see if we can accommodate it. In general, the best scenario is a portrait that is planned at least 6 months in advance, giving the client time for payments if needed, and the artist time to fit it into her fluid queue with all the attention and care it deserves.​​​​​


Pricing as of January 2023. Most common sizes are pictured, Larger sizes available.

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Thanks for your commission inquiry! I'm excited to discuss your project, and will be in touch via email!



I'm excited for new collaborations, ideas, and ways to make the world a little more lovely. Contact me with your ideas!

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