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Rochelle Walden is a commissioned portrait artist that lives in the wooded, beachy wonderland of the Pacific Northwest.

   Painting commissioned canvas pieces is a relatively new path for Rochelle, coming after two other careers; the first as a buyer and merchandiser for a large kitchen and home goods retailer in Colorado, and the other, as the owner of two small businesses where she trained and booked contract face-painters, first in Colorado, and then in Washington State. In addition , Rochelle has done small-business coaching, staging products for magazine photo-shoots,  and taught classes in retail merchandising. 

As a face-painter since 2008, Rochelle painted thousands and thousands of kids every season with her groups at area markets, festivals and parties. Body-painting developed out of face-painting and has included live body-painting stage performances, weddings, print-advertising, private gala and fundraising events, Halloween contests, and world naked-bike rides. Rochelle has won a number of awards in face and body-painting competitions , and is an artist rep and online instructor for a facepaint distributor, Facepaint Forum Shop.

Canvas painting began for Rochelle in 2017 as an outlet to deal with political stress, and to find a way to go inward. It rapidly became a "true love", and commissioned portraiture has become her mainstay, although she loves to face-paint at local events when she can find the time. Rochelle has painted on canvas live on-stage during a concert performance, painted for fundraisers, and has gotten a somewhat of a following from portraits of Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Heather Cox-Richardson. Rochelle is working in between commissions to build a body of abstract and figurative work, and loves to try new mediums and styles, like leather-painting, mixed-media, and cartooning.

Rochelle has a heart for political and social justice issues and imagery,  and she loves to paint iconic civil rights and social-justice figures. She is a member of the Puget Sound group of Northwest Artists, a featured artist and retailer on Fine Art America,  and winner of the Judge's Choice Award in the Contemporary Art Gallery Online. She is the proud mother of two remarkable adults, and lives in Seattle with her indulgent husband of 26 years, and her two resident art-critics, a pair of sibling rescue kitties from the mean streets of New Orleans, June-Bug and Dupree. 



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